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Challenging Journey (A)Anna Richards
Changing Children`s MindsHoward Sharron & Martha Coulter
Children and Number: Difficulties in Learning MathematicsMartin Hughes
Children Behaving Badly: Could My Child Have a Disorder?Alan Train
Children With Autism: Diagnosis & Intervention to Meet Their NeedsTrevarthen, Aitken, Papoudi & Robart
Children`s Difficulties in Reading, Spelling & WritingPeter Pumfrey & Colin Boote
Children`s Learning Difficulties:A Cognitive ApproachJulie Dockrell & John McShane
Children`s Speech & Literacy Difficulties Books 1 & 2Joy Stackhouse & Bill Wells
Cloze & Phonic ActivitiesHilda King
Cloze EncountersPete Smith
Cloze LineRobin Jones-Edgar
Clues To MeaningAnn L Staman
Cognitive Styles & Learning StrategiesRichard Riding & Stephen Raynor
Common GroundPriscilla Vail
Complete ComprehensionPeter Smith
Complete Guide to ADHD: Help For Your Family at Home, School and WorkThom Hartmann
Complete Guide to Asperger`s Syndrome (Hardback)Tony Attwood
Confident Classroom LeadershipPeter Hook & Andy Vass
Consonant Digraph Book (The)Pete Smith
Creating Kids Who CanJean Robb and Hilary Letts
CrosswordsHilda King
Cues and SignalsKitty Wehrli.
Cuisenaire Rods

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Last updated: 18 March 2013